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Transform your business processes seamlessly from finance, supply chain, and manufacturing to sales, distribution, and more. Unlock a whole new world of possibility with a future-ready Sugar Industry ERP Software with in-built business intelligence.

This advanced Sugar Industry ERP Software has all the functionality you need to operate your business and manage multiple Sugar factories at the same time.

Sugar Industry ERP Software

  1. General Accounting
  2. Store Accounting
  1. Purchase Management System
  2. Store Management System
  1. Sugar Godown
  2. Sugar and Other By-Products Sales
  3. Diesel Pump Sales
  1. Cane Management
  2. Weigh Bridge
  3. Farmer Billing
  4. H & T Billing
  5. Share
  6. Cane Development
  1. Time Office

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Followings are activities

  • Consultancy for Computerisation
  • Preparation of Road Map for Computerisation site survey, Site preparation and Testing for computerization
  • Selection of respective Software and Hardware & Analysis of respective vendors Implementation and development of the Sugar ERP Software Training to the Staff members
  • Support to the Software Operating System, Front-end, Back-end, and installed Application Software Supply and Installation of hardware & any required equipment for Networking

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SDI For Sugar Industries is designed to provide a Fully Integrated ERP Solution to satisfy all needs of sugar Industry. With user friendly interface & multifunctional features, it is one of the best Sugar ERP Software in the market with our vast experienced team & with our strong customer base.


  • Excellently keeping track of inventory and stock.
  • Helps you in critical situations by maintaining all records in graph and chart formats.
  • Meets the unique needs of customer and your business.
  • Correct and easy access to data which improves your decision making ability.
  • Reduce time and improves organization transparency and profitability.
  • Gives standard reports as per your need.
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